What else do we listen to?
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    So, I've been meaning to start this discussion for a while (I don't think it has specifically been discussed here - I'm sorry if it has!). We need to get some new threads going to keep this place alive ^_^

    Anyway, besides Lee Jung Hyun - what else do you guys listen to?

    For me, my other favorites include Namie Amuro, FEMM, John Carpenter (also a favorite director of mine) and Aural Vampire. I also listen to a ton of 80s stuff, my favorites being Duran Duran, Bananarama and SSQ/Stacey Q. Other singers/idols I listen to are Babymetal, Koto, Up Up Girls Kakko Kari, Aira Mitsuki and Little Boots. Not much Western things for me - I have a hard time finding Western songs/artists that fit my taste.
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    Thanks Scuz for trying to keep this site alive!! Yay! :x

    I like KyaryPamyuPamyu, BabyMetal and Perfume. I actually went to all their concerts this year. I would say Perfume's concert was my absolute favorite!

    I have Spotify and I found some really cool indie electro/pop/dance/synth or just chill music that I like a lot.
    My current obsession is Grimes. Anything from Art Angels or Visions! Maybe check her out?

    Also some random songs worth checking out.
    AlunaGeorge - Mean What I Mean
    Stalking Gia - Second Nature
    Kingdm - Baby
    Geowulf - Saltwater
    Astrid S - Hurts So Good
    Follin - Memories
    KLOE - Teenage Craze
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    Ive been trying to find that song by Stacey Q! lol Two of Hearts. Its catchy and cute!
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    I like some of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's songs. Especially Pon Pon Pon! As for Perfume, I really like their early stuff (Baby Cruising Love! <3) <br />
    I saw Babymetal in London a couple of years ago! We didn't have the best seats, but it was still a blast! ^_^ Wouldn't mind seeing them again.

    I'm currently listening to Art Angels by Grimes and I've already found a couple of songs that I really like. I'll definitely continue listening to her! It feels like she went in the direction Little Boots *should* have gone in after Hands.

    I find it difficult to recommend songs ^_^;; For Koto, I absolutely adore Platonic Planet! Aira Mitsuki released an album with Saori@Destiny a couple of years ago, which is also really good. It's called X Park of the Safari.

    Aside from that, I'd recommend Screaming In My Pillow, Big Electronic Beat and Tonight by SSQ, if you haven't listened to them already!
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    Scuz said:

    Anyway, besides Lee Jung Hyun - what else do you guys listen to?

    Well it varies quite a lot:
    - 199x-201x eurodance/trance... songs, and I think it was and is still my main thing
    - older japanese/korean songs that I have found years ago (not that much new content, but maybe few every year)
    - older western rock/pop/reggae... songs

    I'm using mainly Spotify now and I've found some "new" songs/artists/bands from there, those varies by the genre but is more or less the same that I have liked earlier. I hope to see more asian (japan/korean) music on spotify.