Artwork by Mocha
  • GX3394GX3394
    I got the permission from the original artist to post these up. I've never seen illustrations or cartoons of LJH before so this is pretty cool! I love them all! :Smile:

    All art pieces were drawn by talented Japanese artist Mocha [ ] from Mocha Mocha Do Whimsical Company. Please do not upload these anywhere else without the artist's permission. Thank you.

    You can see more at his gallery here:


  • -00001-00001
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    These are awesome! I've seen a few before
  • hyonyhyun
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    Wow, those are all by the same artist? I've seen them while searching across various Chinese/Korean/Japanese sites. Awesome!
  • Danzo
    Nice work Mocha, you have a very unique style! (many) :D
  • ScuzScuz
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    I've seen some of these before. They're awesome and interesting ^_^
  • maddy
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    Wow they are so awesome! and cute!
    Ive never seen them before!
    Thanks for sharing<3
  • JaxxiaJaxxia
    Pretty. The only ones I don't like much are the anime ones, but all of them are well drawn. Mocha is really good. Changes his/her style. Thanks for sharing,
  • hearted
    wow these are gorgeous
  • SabaiSabai
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    I've seen some of these earlier, but most of them are damn great. Shame that he/she hasn't made any wallpapers from these. Some of the pics are so great that it would turn out to be a great wallpapers too.

    I think i haven't seen that many good wallpapers of LJH out there... and what i've seen i think those has been low resolution ones. :sad:
  • anystar12
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    Awesome Pics!!!!!
  • mattfb
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    Really awesome!
  • I loved the second one