[MU] Crazy MV [MQ/MOV/48MB]
  • GX3394GX3394
    The video quality is pretty good but it's not super high. If you have a slow laptop (like me) it's really laggy. But I tried it on my desktop computer and works fine. No lagging. *waiting for the hd version* :Grin:

    Resolution: 1280x720


    Password: www.ava.eu.pn[/t]
  • hyonyhyun
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    Thanks! I really appreciate it!
  • -00001-00001
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    Thanks! This'll do for now :D

    EDIT: Wow, it lags so much!
  • Thanks! :D
  • Indpendnt27
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    She looks really nice in this MV. She is so pretty. I like the way she dances. :-)
  • thanks!!!!
  • thankies very much. really loving her comeback!!! mv rox too xD