Wa and BaKkwo in new commercials for water purifiers
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    Ava has rerecorded Wa and BaKkwo with new lyrics to advertise water purifiers! I assume the lyrics are about the product. She also filmed amazing MV's for them both! So this is what she was doing in those instagram posts I posted earlier. She looks so good!


  • ScuzScuz
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    I... I think I love this. It's nice to see her in some "big budget" stuff again.

    I've been surfing BodyFriend's website (the company behind the purifiers) and OMG they have Lamborghini massage chairs!!!
  • GX3394GX3394
    I love it! Wow! I kinda want that water filter now.
  • SabaiSabai
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    I hope she got some inspiration to do more new music while doing these.