Lee Jung Hyun's Film 'Juvenile Offender' Selected To Compete For An Oscar
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    This year's 86th annual Academy Awards will hopefully feature a few Korean faces. The film Juvenile Offender, starring singer-actress Lee Jung Hyun, has been selected as the official South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category.

    "Juvenile Offender stood out in terms of the detail directing, it was a universal yet Korean story, and the film was complete to the point where it was hard to point out any flaws," the judging committee was quoted as saying about their choice.

    Four other Korean movies were submitted to the judges for consideration in the foreign film category including Song Joong Ki's Werewolf Boy.

    "It was very difficult to choose a film because each had a distinctive color and represents Korea," they explained.

    Juvenile Offender stars Lee Jung Hyun, K-Pop's 'Techno Queen', and actor Seo Young Joo and follows the story of Ji-gu, a young man who is sent to a juvenile detention center after committing burglary.

    The teenager reunites with his estranged mother who left him shortly after giving birth at age 17. But when Ji-gu falls into a similar situation with his own girlfriend, things in the household become become even more tense.

    Official Oscar nominations will be announced on January 16 and the Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on March 2 in Los Angeles.

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    That would be awesome!

    I didn't know the movie had received enough praise to be South Korea's official selection for the Oscars.
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    Hope it makes final nominations!