Lee Jung Hyun wants to get married to G-Dragon on ‘We Got Married’?
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    Lee Jung Hyun has revealed her wish to film MBC TV ‘We Got Married’ with Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

    Having released her new single ‘V’ recently and being busy with promotions, Lee Jung Hyun revealed her thoughts about marriage in an interview.

    Lee Jung Hyun is 34 this year, and has unknowingly reached a prime time for getting marriage. When asked if she gets egged on by people around her to get married, Lee Jung Hyun said, “They do ask questions like when my marriage will happen. But I am not seeing anyone now. If I do get a boyfriend later on, I think I will just get married naturally.”

    She continued, “My last relationship ended about 3 years ago. I had a heavy workload and couldn’t squeeze out any time at all to meet him. I am not getting any younger, so if I am going to be seeing someone, I am likely to treat the relationship in a more serious and cautious manner.”

    With regards to her ideal type, Lee Jung Hyun said, “I of course would hope would want my other half to be good looking. But I would prefer to meet someone who is responsible and can lend his shoulders for me to lean on. I am basically a workaholic, and I am bound to meet with lots of ups and downs in my field of work. So whenever I feel lost or down, I would hope that my other half would lend me listening ear or shoulders for me to lean on, and listen to my frustrations.”

    When asked would she would like to be partnered with if MBC TV ‘We Got Married’ invites her to the show, Lee Jung Hyun replied without any hesitation that she would like to be a virtual couple with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and experience life as a married couple.

    Lee Jung Hyun explained, “G-Dragon is my junior no doubt, but he is a top star. He is really flawless with his stage charisma during programs and concerts. The songs that he produces and his style of fashion is also near perfect.”

    But she then shook her head and said with a smile, “I actually want to find a male star who is older than me. But it’s hard to find someone who is older than me and still single. Frankly, I do hope to be paired with Ryu Seung Ryong oppa on ‘We Got Married’. He is a really humorous man who is mischievous and can really make people laugh with his jokes. But he is already taken, so this is not possible.”

    Meanwhile, Lee Jung Hyun will conclude her Korean promotions with her goodbye stage on this week’s MBC TV ‘Show! Music Core’. She will then head to China to continue with promotions for ‘V’.

    By: An Kyung Suk