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    In many ways, I love that this is not a Halloween release. Creepy is too awesome to only be done in October. However this does play out, especially in the beginning, exactly like a 10-31 horror night movie . . . it's funny, but it feels more 'halloween fun time' than 'something here is creepy and legit terrifying', especially with the hotel-guest-costume party. *shrugs* I still like the fact that it's coming out sometime other than October.

    The song is passable, but it's not a very strong release. With such a long and lauded career under her belt, I would have hoped for something better. The vocals are tight and supported with a lot of compression. The aegyo-ish sound of them is excusable for younger performers, and even in follow-up or gag-releases. For a comeback made after around three years after her last release, this is not really an acceptable display, especially considering the fact that she really can sing well. The songs construction is simplistic, but it does have good harmonic elements and it is catchy as hell.

    The MV is hilarious and she is absolutely adorable and creeptastic in all the right ways. It does feel a bit long to me though, some of the scenes dragged on for just a bit more than I'd have liked, and the time lost to them added up progressively. I think about a minute could have been shaved off no problem and it would have made the whole video feel more poignant and more aggressively creepy. I did enjoy the song in the credits though, sounds like a harpsichord or something to me and that made me smile (despite the fact that it again harkens to the 10-31 sort of movie night trope).