Lee Jung Hyun's 'V' getting great reactions from overseas
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    Lee Jung Hyun is getting great reactions from overseas.

    Lee Jung Hyun released a new song called 'V' on July 22nd after three years of break, and she is getting great reactions from overseas.

    America's Wall Street Journal made a detailed report about Lee Jung Hyun's new music video, and her successful comeback.

    In addition, a great number of medias in France and China are releasing articles about Lee Jung Hyun.

    Lee Jung Hyun's 'V' drew many people's attention because of 'ghost bride and zombie' concept, and the music video, which was directed by Park Chan Wook and Park Chan Kyung, is currently getting almost 1 million views on NAVER and YouTube.

    On the other hand, Lee Jung Hyun will be continuing promotion of 'V' until this weekend, and she will start her China promotion and fall concert preparation.