WBW: 12 of Lee Jung Hyun's Coolest Transformations
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    Wow Im actually surprised AKP did another article on AVA for Way Back Wednesday! ^^


    Techno Queen Lee Jung Hyun released her latest single "V" on Monday and in true Lee Jung Hyun fashion, the video was unique and honestly, a little weird. But that's the standard operating procedure for one of K-pop's original divas. Lee Jung Hyun is an important figure in early K-pop as she was one of the first artists to introduce techno to the mainstream (hence the Techno Queen title) but she's also known as the Queen of Transformation as she is known for going through extreme makeovers and new concepts with each new single and album.

    On today's Way Back Wednesday, we'll take a look back at some of the crazy characters and concepts from one of my all-time favorite singers, Lee Jung Hyun.

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