2AM Jo Kwon Watches Lee Jung Hyun's Showcase, "Watched It Live"
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    Group 2AM's member Jo Kwon revealed a picture taken while watching Lee Jung Hyun's showcase.

    Today, Jo kwon posted on his Twitter, "I got shocked while watching Jung Hyun's showcase. I watched it live. So here's a V to prove it" along with a picture.

    In the picture, Jo kwon is making a V of the TV screen that is showing Lee Jung Hyun's showcase.
    Lee Jung Hyun had said during her showcase for her new song "V," "Jokwon texted me saying he's watching the showcase. Kwon, thank you."

    Internet users who saw this commented, "I didn't know Lee Jung Hyun and Jokwon were close," "It's good to see their friendship," etc.

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    They are really close, always talking on twitter ^^ She's also close with Heechul and others from Suju I think.

    It would be cool if they collaborated I think