[REVIEW] Lee Jung Hyun Shows Shades Of Britney's "Toxic" And Nicki Minaj's "Starships"...
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    Lee Jung Hyun Shows Shades Of Britney's "Toxic" And Nicki Minaj's "Starships" In Horror-Inspired Video 'V'

    The long-form music video is alive and well in the world of K-pop, and Lee Jung Hyun's "V" is living proof.

    First pioneered by Michael Jackson in his genre-busting video for the title track from the classic album "Thriller," the long-form video can be an excellent way to use an artist's song as a jumping off point, in order to tell a larger story.

    Like MJ's "Thriller," the nearly seven-minute long clip for Lee Jung Hyun's "V" uses the horror film genre as its jumping off point.

    Lee is reimagined as a ghoulish, sinister bride who terrifies the video's protagonist, played by Jin Goo.

    The effects are well done, and the director demonstrates both a love of and a proficiency within the horror tradition.

    The video both begins with over a minute of instrumental unrelated to Lee's "V," in every sense other than it appears to be a reinterpretation of the melody.

    But the musical interludes are well performed, and well placed in the sense that it is the perfect soundtrack for Jin entering what we come to find out is a haunted house.

    When the first musical strains of "V" finally do appear, it is a striking contrast to the gothic opening of the clip.

    Musically Lee Jung Hyun's single "V" is good, if not completely original.

    The surf guitar part in the song's verse is taken directly from Britney Spears's hit "Toxic," while the song's club-friendly chorus is quite reminiscent of Nicki Minaj's "Starships."

    In neither case is the resemblance likely strong enough to induce Roy Kim-like accusations of plagiarism, yet there is no denying they do sound very close

    But the beat, propelled by some inventive polyrhythmic production, ends up saving "V" and there is no denying the pep and charisma that Lee has to offer.

    There is also something about "V" that gets more infectious with each listen. You might even find yourself skipping the macabre introduction.