'Techno Queen' Lee Jung Hyun gives goosebumps with a spooky teaser for "V"
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    Korea's 'techno queen' Lee Jung Hyun gave fans goosebumps with a spooky teaser for "V"!

    Lee Jung Hyun will make her long awaited return with new title track, "V", and released a teaser which left fans even more curious on what her concept will be this time around. Actor Jin Goo, Lee Jung Hyun's co-star from the film 'Battlefield - Whirlwind Sea' to premiere next year, also participated in the music video as introduced in the teaser.

    Fans will just have to wait and see what Lee Jung Hyun has up her sleeves when she returns on the 22nd!

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    Lee Jung Hyun Comes Alive in Horrifying "V" MV Teaser

    Solo female artist Lee Jung Hyun has released the teaser video for “V,” her first single in three years.

    World-renowned film director Park Chan Wook (“Old Boy“), along with his brother Park Chan Kyung, directs Lee Jung Hyun and actor Jin Goo in the music video.

    The music video promises to be chilling and eerie, portraying Lee Jung Hyun as a living doll inside a old mansion in which Jin Goo comes upon one dark night. He finds a bride and groom doll in a miniture version of the mansion he is actually in, and the bride dolls comes alive, twisting her head.

    The full music video as well as Lee Jung Hyun’s comeback showcase will be revealed on July 22.