Park Chan Wook Directs Lee Jung Hyun and Jin Goo in “V” Music Video
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    It was recently reported that world-renowned film director Park Chan Wook (“Old Boy“) will be directing Lee Jung Hyun‘s new music video for her upcoming single, “V,” and now new stills, as well as a making video, have been released.

    Park Chan Wook, along with his brother Park Chan Kyung directs this music video, which stars Jin Goo. Jin Goo and Lee Jung Hyun will star together in an upcoming film, “Battlefield – Whirlwind Sea.” Park Chan Wook and Lee Jung Hyun became connected through the 2011 film, “Night Fishing” and grew close ever since.

    Lee Jung Hyun’s “V” is a house dance track that is reportedly just right for summer. The still cuts show Lee Jung Hyun as a zombie bride. She wears a short, white wedding dress as she dramatically dances among other female zombies.

    The making video includes interviews from Lee Jung Hyun and Park Chan Wook, as well as scenes of Jin Goo and Lee Jung Hyun filming. Lee Jung Hyun expresses her surprise that Park Chan Wook said yes to her request for him to direct the film without any hesitation. Also, she compliments Jin Goo’s looks as she and the actor monitor their performance.

    This will be Lee Jung Hyun’s come back after three years. The full music video as well as Lee Jung Hyun’s comeback showcase will be revealed on July 22.