Lee Jung Hyun Releases New Zombie Teaser Image
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    Lee Jung Hyun released a new teaser from her upcoming blockbuster music video.

    On July 12 enews received an exclusive photo showing Lee Jung Hyun′s new concept for her upcoming special single V. Though she′s released various teasers before this is the first time her zombie concept will be going viral.

    The globally renowned Park Chan Wook and his brother Park Chan Kyung will be directing the video

    Lee Jung Hyun is well known for her shocking transformations and concepts, as well as for her charismatic aura shining from her small figure The new teaser also shows fans are up for a treat, as zombies are shown surrounding the singer dressed in white lace

    A rep for Lee Jung Hyun told enews, “Lee Jung Hyun has been loved for her colorful performances and again for her new album she will shock her fans by turning things upside down. The music video and song will come together like a movie“

    V is in the house genre, and was produced in part by Lee Jung Hyun Its first teaser video will be released on July 15.

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  • mattfb
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    OMG! I can't wait!
  • ScuzScuz
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    I'm getting Thriller-vibes now, especially from the movie comment.

    I wonder if the video will be longer, to make it more movie-like. Maybe not 15 minutes, like Thriller, but somewhere around 10 minutes, maybe?