Music. From. Korea - Midem 2003 (Promo 2CD+DVD)
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    Released by Korea Culture & Content Agency, It's a promotional 2CD+DVD album w/ 50pg booklet for Midem 2003.

    "Overseas Marketing for Korean Music."
    "To support for the participation in international music market such as MIDEM, POPPKOM"

    The DVD contains "Ari Ari" music video and many other Korean mvs. There's also an intro page of Lee Jung Hyun in the booklet!! The packaging and booket is all in English.

    You can view the tracklist here:

    There's even a page for BoA and Rain.
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    So nice! I never saw this before.Ari Ari is one of the most popular songs of AVA.Thanks for sharing these pictures.