Preorder IRIS OST Special (2CD Limited Edition) ***5,000 COPIES***
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    DISC 1
    01. Dream A Dream (Kim Tae Woo)
    02. Don't Forget (Baek Ji Young)
    03. Can't I Love? (Seo In Young)
    04. Hallelujah (Big Bang)
    05. Love Of Iris (Shin Seung Hoon)
    06. Love Is So... (December)
    07. How To Hold Back Tears (Lee Jung Hyun)
    08. It Was Good Because It Was You (Ji Hoon)
    09. Empty (Juni)
    10. Can't You Come Back? (December)

    DISC 2
    01. Iris Main Title
    02. Mission Of Destiny
    03. Assassination
    04. Fight Factory
    05. Destiny Love
    06. Pretty Love
    07. Sad Love
    08. Sad Love - Guitar Version
    09. Chase 140
    10. Chase 150
    11. Tension 80-2
    12. Hard Day
    13. Midnight Run
    14. Bullets
    15. No Way Out

    [quote] Being Korea’s first spy-action drama, “IRIS” has received very positive responses as well as high TV ratings during its run. The OST album has also been very popular both online and offline. On December 22nd, a new and upgraded 2-disc special OST album will be released, which will include all ten theme tracks sung by various artistes as well as 15 instrumental tracks. Two of the best music directors, Lee Dong Joon (Swiri; Taegukil:The Brotherhood Of War; Lump Sugar) and Choi Sung Kwon (Sad Sonata; A Love To Kill) has contributed to make this a high quality album. It will also include a photo album, showing a collection of best scenes from the drama.

    source: soompi[/quote]

    [quote]All eyes are on KBS's 2009 all-star espionage action thriller Iris which marks the small-screen comebacks of Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, who have been away from television since 2003's All In and 2004's Love Story in Harvard, respectively. Loosely based on the film Shiri, the big-budget drama revolves around globe-trotting secret agents and rival assassins, and co-stars big names like Jung Jun Ho, Kim Seung Woo, and Big Bang's T.O.P as an assassin!

    Limited to 5,000 copies, the 2-CDIris OST Special comes with all the songs from the first soundtrack, plus eight new tracks. Disc 1 contains the drama's familar theme and insert songs like Baek Ji Young's theme "Don't Forget", Shin Seung Hun's "Love of Iris", Kim Tae Woo "Dreaming Dream", Big Bang's Hallelujah, plus four new additions from the second half of the drama - Seo In Young's "Can I Love", Lee Jung Hyun's "How Do I Hold Back the Tears", Ji Hoon's "Good for Everybody", and December's Doraolsun Eomnayo. Disc 2 contains the score, including four new tracks. Also comes with six photos and a 76-page photo booklet.

    source: yesasia[/quote]
  • maddy
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    This is next on my list of things to watch! Did anyone here get a copy of the ost?
  • Oh man, that's pretty limited. I'm always a sucker for limited edition stuff too. Thanks for the heads up on this! Was a cool series