[REVIEW] MBC Music Camp DVD (1999.10.02)
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    ~Edit~ I had to rewrite/repost everything again because the site was being stupid. I clicked “POST” when the site was down. GRRRR!!

    I got this DVD a few weeks ago and I wanted to do a short review and show you what it looked like.Did you know you can buy full music shows from KBS, MBC, and SBS on DVD or VHS? It’s more complicated to buy it from KBS and SBS because you have to order it through the phone. But for MBC, you can order it directly from their online store website. I got this DVD from their official MBC store at http://mbcpro.co.kr. Unfortunately, the site is all in Korean and they only ship in Korea. I had to ask someone in Korea to order it for me. The price, fees, and shipping costs was really expensive.

    So I got MBC Music Camp on 1999.10.02. You can order AVA’s performances from 1999 to 2005 only, I think. Anyways, why did I order Music Camp on this specific date? Well it's the day when AVA's debut as a solo artist! She performed -00001, Bird, GX339-4, and Wa. EPIC! Other singers on the show were Baby V.O.X., S#arp, Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Ji Yoon, H.O.T. etc. My favorite performances besides AVA were from Baby V.O.X. (Killer) and Park Ji Yoon (아무것도 몰라요). They were so cute and I love their songs. If you’re a fan of H.O.T., then you need to own this DVD. This DVD was the comeback special for H.O.T. After each singer’s performance, they showed a short intro clip of H.O.T. They performed like 7 songs and had an interview for each one! I would also call this H.O.T.’s mini concert dvd. haha

    When I got the DVD in the mail, it wasn’t sealed in plastic wrapping. No booklet either, just the DVD case and DVD itself. The cover of the DVD looked cheap like it was printed using a home printer. The video quality, in the other hand, was pretty good. It’s not HD by any means, but it is DVD quality. The quality is a lot better if you watch on TV. The screencaps doesn't do itself justice.

    Video quality is good, but could be better
    Ava's rare performance in dvd quality
    Full show on dvd! Yay!!~
    No MBC logos!

    Buying it is nearly impossible if you don't use a buy service or have a friend in Korea
    Sucky packaging
    No DVD menu


    10:25:22- 타이틀 28:28- 가수 허니 패미리: 남자 이야기 32:14- 오프닝 (박진희, 배두나) 33:32- 가수 베이비 복스: KILLER 37:19- 가수 최창민 노래: 눈을 감아 40:56- -가수 박지윤 노래 "아무것도 몰라요"의 안무 42:19- 가수 박지윤: 아무것도 몰라요 46:55- -가수 샵(S#arp): 아껴온 사랑 Tell me Tell me 53:48- 가수 Y2K: 깊은 슬픔 57:36- 가수 엄정화: 스칼릿 11:02:08- -가수 이정현: Jung Hyun - 00001 GX339 - 4, 와 10:24- 1 부 클로징 14:54- 타이틀 18:14- -가수 H.O.T: 투지 24:15- 2부 오프닝, MC 와 H.O.T 토크 25:47- H.O.T 멤버 장우혁 노래: DO OR DIE 32:21- H.O.T 멤버 토니 노래: KOREAN PRIDE 36:43- H.O.T 맴버 강 타 노래: 환 희 40:01- 가수 H.O.T 노래: The way that you like me 44:35- H.O.T 멤버 이재원 노래: 다시 시작해 50:17- H.O.T 맴버 문희준 노래: 영혼

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    I had this exact same show on VHS!!! My friend hired it from the Korean video store and wanted to keep it because he was a massive H.O.T fan and wanted the comeback special. I remember watching it all, it's probably one of my fave broadcasts ^^ I don't know what happened to it now though, it disappeared.

    That's great you got it on DVD! I'm amazed they still have it available. I'd love to get myself a copy, especially this show, but yeah the bad outweighs the good.
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    Haven't seen this one, and probably never will. GX3394 collection seems to keep growing all the time... :surprised:
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    This DVD is so awesome
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    Oh wow. You're so lucky. I wish I could see this.

    HOT, Baby VOX... and holy carp... S#arp! I forgot they even existed.
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    Oh my...

    This looks amazing!!!

    Are you going to share her cut with us anytime soon? Pretty pretty please? :)))