Lee Jung Hyun ~ Circa 1999-2000
  • GX3394GX3394
    My favorite hairstyle and concept from LJH has got to be from her Let's gO to my Star era. I love the one with the two buns
  • -00001-00001
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    I agree, she looked great then, and during the 3rd album too. Awesome styles. This was her prime and her classic look

    I really loved her hair back then. I don't like the fringe she has now, which she had since about 2004?
  • I remember these days fondly. Wa is still one of my favorite songs from her. And yeah, she looks great. So simple but I love the long straight black hair. Pretty!
  • kyrinthmiller
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    Haha. Her wing outfit really takes me back.

    Now I suddenly have this craving to listen to some old... NRG.