Lady Gaga w/ Ava Concert Performance List
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    I found this list on Daum. I'm not 100% sure if its accurate. I heard LG and Ava had a duet so Im guessing the song is called "Hung Up"? And it seems to me that Ava had more to do than just the opening act. It looks like a LG + Ava concert to me. hehe

    LADY GAGA (레이디가가) With A.V.A Lee (이정현) 내한공연 : 09.08.09 (일) 오후 07:00 올림픽공원 올림픽홀

    01. Opening Show

    02. Making Flim - A.V.A Lee

    03. A.V.A Lee - Come On ! (1999)

    04. A.V.A Lee - Crazy (2001)

    05. Talk Show With A.V.A Lee

    06. A.V.A Lee - 1/2 (2001)

    07. A.V.A Lee - ARIARI (2002)

    08. Talk Show With A.V.A Lee + LADY GAGA

    09. A.V.A Lee - Crazy (2009) With LADY GAGA

    10. A.V.A Lee - Vogue it A.V.A & GAGA With LADY GAGA

    11. Talk Show With A.V.A Lee + LADY GAGA

    12. Making Flim - LADY GAGA

    13. LADY GAGA - Just Dance With A.V.A Lee

    14. LADY GAGA - Love Game

    15. Special Stage 1

    16. LADY GAGA - Poker Face

    17. LADY GAGA - Paparazzi

    18. LADY GAGA - Eh, Eh

    19. Talk Show With LADY GAGA

    20. Boys Boys Boys

    21. Special Stage 2 A.V.A Lee + LADY GAGA - Hung Up

    22. Non Stop Remix Party By LADY GAGA

    23. LADY GAGA - I Love KOREA

    24. Special Stage 3
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    I wonder if it's Madonna's Hung Up? So it does look like it was a show for both Ava and Gaga.

    Gaga appeared in Crazy and Vogue Girl???
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    I thought of Madonna's song too. But Idk.. why would they perform her song. That's so random.

    I saw the fancams and I dont see LG. But it's only a minute long, so maybe she appeared at the end?
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    Yeah she probably appeared at the At concerts they usually pick a random song to cover so it might've been Madonnas.