Mini Album Jacket Photos
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    The concept for her new album is to take on the ‘Black&White’ style for Present Day Marie Antoinette. The photographer was Ken Sax who is famous in Hollywood and has worked with top stars such as Tom Hanks, Britney Spears, Matt Damon, etc. Lee Jung Hyun also took on the job of being art director herself.
  • maddy
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    I love all these pics! Thanks for sharing ^^
  • ScuzScuz
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    It's always nice to see she hasn't lost her touch. Still being different from other Korean singers ^_^
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    She's keeping it cool. Most Korean singers today are OTT, and all look the same.
  • She's always been different, that's one of the reasons why I love her!
    She looks amazing!
  • I still can't get over the look. I love how different she is. She always has something new up her sleeve *___*
  • I loved this photoshoot!