[09.06.11] Lee Jung-hyun is taken
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    [quote]It looks like the pint-sized singer Lee Jung-hyun aka Ava is no longer on the singles market.

    On the June 11th episode of KBS2 ‘Happy Together’, Lee Jung-hyun revealed that she is currently in a relationship but is not thinking of marriage, as of yet. When asked what her lover does for a living, she stated, “He runs a finance firm overseas”.

    During the talk segment, Lee Jung-hyun also shared her story of running into a number of bandits in the woods, on her way to a small city for a concert in China. How did she manage to get away alive and return to Korea? Well nothing much actually, all she had to do was sing her hit-song ‘Wa’ for them live.[/quote]

    Source: Popseoul
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    That's nice she has someone! ^^

    LOL at the bandit story that is just strange! How scary for her at first.
  • Aw, well i'm happy for her.
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    I must say that I'm surprised but good for her. Maybe in the future we will see some couple pictures? :D