[09.06.11] “I comeback to win back my fans from So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls“
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    [quote]Singer Lee Jung Hyun revealed the reason to why she decided to make a comeback only after 2 years and 7 months.

    She was on KBS ‘Happy Together Season 3′ when she said, “I comeback during this blank period so that the staff of fanclubs for the WonderGirls and So Nyeo Shi Dae will come back.”

    When asked “What is different about Korea now that you are back after so long?”. She said, “All these while I had been active in China and I earned a lot of money, working very hard. The staff from my fanclub had changed.”

    “President of my fanclub had become the president of So Nyeo Shi Dae fanclub, and the staff of my fanclub had went to WonderGirls’ fanclub. Because of that I thought I had better come back.” rousing laughter from the others present on the show.[/quote]

    Awww I feel so sad knowing that her fans left her for all these girl groups. :(

    Source: K Bites
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    Wow I didn't realise how important idols are to their fans and vice versa. The fact that these fans move to other artists just because their faves became inactive is so bizzare. They must really need someone current to idolize ^_^;
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    That's so hilarious xD I feel so sorry for her! I love both of those girl groups but not as much as her~
  • I kinda feel sorry for her. Even though I love the Wonder Girls.
  • That's so sad they prefered SNSD or Wonder Girl.

    How can they manage to go from Ava to those girls bands?
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    At first I was wondering why she'd consider SNSD her biggest rivals, since a) they're a group, and b) their music style is so "cute". This answers my question.

    I kind of wonder how they could leave Ava for SNSD and WG though. I mean, I'd understand it more if they left her fanclub for someone with similar music style, but there's a huge gap between the kind of music that SNSD, WG and Ava do.
  • I did read that yesterday (I entered to the forum but without log in)... and I'm still shocked... (so, yesterday I couldn't comment, but I couldn't wait more, so, here I am now).
    IS THIS TRUE??? (How reliable is the source of this news?)

    If it is true...
    Sorry, but I think this is outrageous... this is sad, SAD AND LAME, and I'm so angry and pissed off to read that...
    What the .............????
    Don't they know anything about fidelity, loyalty for the artist they admire????
    This is shameful and pitiful...
    One thing is supporting more than 1 artist (okay), but, actually changing to another fanclub???

    And well, I kind of like Wonder Girls (3 songs)... I think they are nice and everything, but SNSD???? WHAT THE HECK???? To think the ex *LJH* fans now are in that...... 'fanclub'... oh, no please!!!! why them??? I'm really disgusted by those 9 UNTALENTED clone sl*utty plastics!!!
    I can't believe it... I mean... leave your fav. artist IS BAD ENOUGH... now... leave your fav artist for THAT????

    So this is how it works??? One artist goes on HIATUS (that wasn't even that long) and you leave it, JUST LIKE THAT??????
    I know I wouldn't do this. I'm not a "fan" in strict sense (not official of course either), I don't know her entire discography yet, and unfortunately I have not bought any of her albums... but I know I wouldn't to that... abandon her like that... AND FOR 9 PLASTICS...
    And those are supposed to be the official fans??? the ones who really are fans in strict sense????

    What is "LOYALTY" to these people?????

    (And without mentioning that is a huge distance between Ava and those groups -starting with they are groups and she is solo, I mean.. HELLO?--
    A HUGE DISTANCE In type /style of music, lyrics, everything!!!!, starting with the quality Ava has... her profesionalism, her experience, *her TALENT*, her charisma... etc. etc. I mean... WOW... I just can't believe it... ).

    No matter how long is the hiatus, I don't think abandon your "fav. artist" like that is the right thing to do. I don't find, I can't find ANY JUSTIFICATION for that lame attitude.
    Shame on them!!!!
    Really, I mean it, shame on them!!!

    Is very sad she had such fans... she doesn't deserve that type of fans...

    (Sorry but I'm really pissed).
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    [quote=Jioni_is_Hyony](Sorry but I'm really pissed).[/quote]

    This is a reliable source. She mentioned this a few times when she was on air. I wouldnt care if her other official members left her fanclub and joined another but the PRESIDENT of her fanclub simply abandoned (dont know if this the appropriate word to use; sounds kinda harsh.. hehe) the fanclub. That really sucks. But you gotta take in consideration that the Wonder Girls and SNSD are in right now, just like when Ava was 10 years ago. As long as she's making music, Im happy. I dont care if she's popular or have more or less fans. If I had to leave this forum, I would let a dedicated fan to take care for it. I wouldnt abandon it and join/make another forum for another artist.
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    To these fans's defense, people music taste do change over the years (especially if they are younger people). I used to listen to Linkin Park - can't stand them today though (except one song XD). Same with many other artists/groups that I'm just too ashamed to mention :tongue: Basically, when I was younger I listened to groups consisting of males, but now I mainly listen to female singers. So people change with time XD

    Also, I personally have always found it unnecessary to attack a singer/group one doesn't like. If you don't like them, that's fine. There's no reason to be an anti though. And calling Girls Generation plastic fantastics is sort of silly, imo, since 99% of Korean female celebrities have had plastic surgery (Ava included). I'm not a fan of Girls Generation though, but I have to say they have made a couple of decent songs.

    Just my two cents ^_^ I hope I don't sound unfriendly - it's not my intention! :smile:
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    Oh yes I forgot to mention that please, refrain yourself from making bad comments about other artists. Lets play nice shall we? ^^
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    Jioni_is_Hyony, uhh...calm down. Comments like that remind me of how stupid and obsessive some Korean fangirls are. That comment was really unnecessary and it shows just how immature you are.

    As a fan of SNSD, WG, and LJH, I find it really insulting that your attacking them. I'm sure LJH made that comment jokingly and you're just making a big deal about it. They probably still like and listen to Jung Hyun but now they like the two girl groups more. LJH probably has a new fanbase with fans that love her just as much her old one did.

    I use to be a HUGE Koda Kumi fan (Japanese singer BTW) but overtime, I lost interest in her and I moved onto other singers. That doesn't mean that I abandoned her or I became disloyal to her.