Ava's official fan club?
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    Well, as we know, *Lee Jung Hyun* debuted as a singer, ten years ago... And we also know her music is not 100% pop, or not the same pop at least, than other artists sing... her music is more oriented to Techno and Dance... so I was wondering for certain time now, if she has her own "official fan club" as other pop singers...
    I wondered about that, more, since I watched one of her recent performances and I heard the "chants" and screaming (which was so great to hear ^^, wish I could be there screaming too), as fans do with other artists...

    So... does she has one?
    What is the name of the club / name of the fans?

    Does she have a "balloon"? Which color?

    (For example: DongBangShinKi. DBSK official fan club is "Cassiopeia" and the fans are known as "Cassiopeia s" or "Cassie s" and the balloon color is red).

    Thank you! ^^
  • GX3394GX3394
    Her official Korean fan club is Feel2Ya Union. I think her balloon color is Gold. But Im not sure myself. I dont think her fans always use balloons though. They sometimes use those glow in the dark sticks and design them to make them look like a fan.
  • Oh really? That is her fan club? Oooh, I think is the first time I read about that! Thank you ^^.
    Do you have any site address or something where I can read more about that... ?Like when do they started, how many people are registered (as OFFICIAL members), etc.?
  • GX3394GX3394
    I dont think theres a current "proper" fan club for her where you have to pay to get in. But that is her official cafe and is considered to be her official fan club. There are 3,775 member and its pretty hard to get in if you dont know Korean. You need a daum account and then you have to answer some questions to get in. It started on 2001.12.16, so its pretty old. Ava debuted in 1999 when Kpop wasnt as popular outside of Korea and when most of us dont have the internet, which is why there are not a lot of members in the cafe.
  • Oh, I see, thank you. ^^ All that info. is interesting.
  • maddy
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    That's interesting. I think I remember seeing gold balloons in her performances. God, I love fanclubs. Cassie rocks! woot
  • -00001-00001
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    They still use balloons! That's great! I remember the oldies like HOT and Finkl and their balloons. HOT's was white I think? I think LJH's is gold too.
  • GX3394GX3394
    Well her second album is in GOLD! ^^