What do you miss most about the "old" Lee Jung Hyun?
  • ScuzScuz
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    Since some of us have followed Ava's career for a couple of years and/or have seen how she has transformed, I thought that perhaps there is something about the "old Ava" that we miss and maybe wish she would bring back.

    For me, it's an intro and outro on her albums, which she stopped using with Fantastic Girl. I have always found that her intros work as a way to "define" the album as a whole, while the outros work as a way to "conclude it" or "sum it up" . It also makes the album feel more "personal", because it doesn't just start off with a song nor does it just end. I don't know how to explain it in a good way :tongue: It's like opening and closing credits to a movie, or something. Either way, I miss them :cry:

    How about the rest of you? Is there something you miss about the "old" Ava? ^_^
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    Yes I miss the cool intros/outros too! The first three especially were bizarre and mysterious. I loved it.

    I also miss her classic sound, especially from the first two albums. I'd love another edgy album like those, especially her first! Another thing is her hairstyle. I really loved the hair she had back then how it was just straight, and parted in the middle. A good example is how she looked in the Music Plus special. I know she moving on with the times and trying new things but I can't help but miss some of the old. hehe
  • GX3394GX3394
    I would totally forget about the intros and outros from her albums. I really do like them because It makes it more complete. She should at least add an intro for Avaholic. I also miss her rapping, her angry voice when she sings, all those weird props/costumes/sets from her old performances, and I REALLy love her hair in the WA performances. I reminds me of the movie "A Chinese Ghost Story".