Your favourite cover some other artists made for a *Lee Jung Hyun* song.
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    I know several artists had been doing covers of *Lee Jung Hyun* songs.
    I think the first I heard/knew was "Mei Fei Se Wu" (cover of *Ba Kkwo*) by Sammi Cheng.

    I like that and I think is my favourite ^^, and I also like Sammi Cheng's cover of "Wa" ("Du Yi Wu Er").
    (Of course I prefer the originals, but I like these covers too, I think they are good. In fact, the beginning of "Wa" I think I even like more the beginning of Du Yi Wu Er, because the sound of the instrument).

    Is very nice to see them in the same stage singing, I saw a video from a concert where the two of them sing and dance "Wa" *_______*.
    I guess maybe they are friends ^^ (I don't know, of course I can not know, but I guess Sammi Cheng is her fan ^^, and well, friends or not, they seem to be content in the scenary together ^^).
    And well, thanks to those covers, I knew from Sammi Cheng and since then I like her too.

    Which is your favourite?
  • maddy
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    I've only heard two covers (Mei fei se wu by Sammi Cheng and a remake of michyeo by another Chinese singer) and I didn't like either of them. They just weren't the same... i mean, even if they were different they could still be good but i just didnt like them.
  • GX3394GX3394
    Sammi versions are okay but I dont like it as much.

    Theres a cover of You by 자탄풍. I dont think many people know about this cover unless they heard it from the Hyony LJ Community. It's a slower version, but I really like it a lot.

    I also like Honey by Cyndi Wang. It's not technically a cover for because Cyndi never said it was. People even said that Summer Dance copied Honey. hahah yeah right.
  • ScuzScuz
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    The cover I find most tolerable is probably the Sammi Cheung's (if memory serves me right) cover of You.

    When Sammi Cheung began to cover Ava's song, Ava said she didn't like that others made covers of her songs. It's possible she's changed her opinion since then, but I think the performance they did together was probably just a publicity thing, rather than having anything to do with whether they're friends or like eachother or not.

    There's also a song which rips off the Japanese version of Passion. The song is called Black, but I can't remember the singer's name now. The song's kind of okay, in any case.
  • GX3394GX3394
    I remembered reading somewhere that Ava was kinda surprised that someone made a cover of her song. I dont think she was upset or anything. Anyways she got a lot more popular in China after Sammi made those covers.

    Oh I heard of that Japanese version of Passion on youtube. I didnt like it.
  • -00001-00001
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    I have a Vietnamese cover of Wa. It's not bad except the rap is HORRIBLE! I laugh at those who think LJH copied Cyndi Wang. Cyndi also decided to borrow from the ABBA song "Honey, Honey". Haha.

    I think my fave would be the slower cover of Nuh by Ja Tan Poong that GX3394 mentioned. It's really good! I downloaded it a few years ago in a weird format. asx I think??
  • Wow, thanks for all the responses! =)

    I think the "covers" are tributes... I see them as a hommages or some kind of a hommages... another version of the song they like very much and wanted to tribute...
    Of course it depends too on the "intentions" of the people that made the covers , if they claim to be the original when they are not... or if the song have some different things or is it just identical... (or if they don't even mention the *source* of their cover), and everything... but I think most of them ARE tributes.
    I haven't heard yet the vietnamese cover (I think I did search but I haven't found it)... anyway I will search for it again... ^^

    It seems to be some people thinking *Lee Jung Hyun* onní ("unnie") copied the songs, and come on! She sang them first...
    and of course it is laughable because is like those people just don't bother in do ANY RESEARCH, just don't bother in search for the released dates or anything...
    A chinese fan on "YouTube" has 1 or 2 videos of that issue, thanks to those videos I knew about the japanese singer who sings to "Passion" , her name is Shiraishi Kikyou.
    I don't know how to put links, so I will copy-paste the link just below (sorry, hope you can fix it):

    And I agree with GX3394 that Sammi Cheng versions also contributed to make *Lee Jung Hyun* onní more popular in China, of course!
    By the way, Sammi Cheng sings "Mei fei se wu" in mandarin, in cantonese and in english, I believe is her too. ^^

    --- ---
    Oh, It seems the video to be embeded just by copy-ing the link =P :P, good to know. Hope they won't be problems with that.

    And also there is an issue a bit related to this... which is bothering me for a few days now... Well, mainly since yesterday... about *Lee Jung Hyun AVA* being compared over and over again with another singer u__u ... but I won't talk about that here, beacuse I think THAT (as the issue of "plagiarize" too) probably deserve their own discussion...
  • GX3394GX3394
    Yeah thats the video I saw on Youtube. I dont like the song. Passion / Follow Me is not my favorite song but its way better than the cover Japanese version.

    Jioni_is_Hyony - You did it right! You just have to copy and paste the address url of the video to make viewable.

    I think someone should make a list of cover songs ^^;

    And I totally hate when artists dont give credit to the original artists or even acknowledge their song is a cover. There are way too many cover songs or remakes or whateever. Even the popular SM have their recent popular songs as cover/remakes.
  • Hi GX3394 ^^ (your answer was very fast!! =P I was still "editing" my comment hehe).
    I don't like the japanese version either (Kikyou version)! (and Follow Me is not my fav. song either =P =P, but of course I prefer *LJH* originals: korean and japanese version).

    Hehe =P :P, it seems so, thanks, good to know is so easy to embed videos ^^.

    Yes, a cover must have the acknowledgment... if doesn't, I think is when it becomes "plagiarize", am I right?

    Well, I'll live the video of "Wa" below, although now I'm confused... I was sure it was Sammi Cheng/Cheung (and she even has her own music video for "Du yi wu er") but people in the comments to the video are saying is not Sammi Cheng... so... I don't know... I think she IS Sammi...

    Sammi Cheng "Du Yi Wu Er" official music video:

    (I believe it was with this video I first listened to this version *_* Edit: well, not exactly THIS one, I mean the official Sammi's video of "Du Yi Wu Er").

    Yes, the making of a list of covers sounds good.
  • -00001-00001
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    OMG Black is so the same in the chorus!!

    Hehe that Wa performance with Chinese Singer is my vid ^^ I thought it was Sammi but I was told it wasn't so I put Chinese Singer. Apparently it's someone called Sun Yue?
  • ScuzScuz
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    I also thought it was Sammi Cheung. Though, I can see now that it's Sun Yue, after seeing photos of her to compare.

    This is Sun Yue by the way. It's definitely her in the video - just a bit younger though (this photo is from 2007)
  • "-00001" is your video? Oh, thank you for posting it!!!! ^_^
    (Is in my fav. list since several months ago, by the way, perhaps a year or more than a year now *___*).

    So IS NOT Sammi Cheng??? Oh, that's sad... I thought it was her... and I was so thrilled about seeing them together in the stage... singing / dancing together...
    All this time thinking it was her =( =( :(...
    (And I don't know who SunYue is... only the name sounds familiar, but I don't know).

    It is strange, anyway... Why is Sun Yue with *LJH*? Which one made the "Wa" cover first then, Sammi or Sun Yue? I don't understand...
    Both of them have a cover of "Wa" then? How many other artists have *LJH* covers????

    Anyway, I would like very much to actually see them... *LJH* next to Sammi in the stage... Y___Y

    By the way, I would love to hear some Sammi's cover of "Dala Dala"... *_____* I think that would be great...
  • SabaiSabai
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    I think that Evonne Hsu - Gu Dan Ba Lei cover of Michyeo, hasn't been mentioned yet. I think this is the best cover i've heard so far. But i think this cover is so good because the original LJH song is so very dear to me... :D

    ..and here's the vid...

    Covers of Lee Jung-hyun songs

    Chinese singer Sammi Cheng has released and performed covers of several of her hits such as Bakkwo (became Mei Fei Se Wu in Mandarin/Sat For - Finale in Cantonese), Wa became "Duk Ga See Chung - Exclusive Trial Singing" and Neo(Nuh) (너, You), which became Tian Yi Wu Feng. Sammi's versions have separate, original (non-translated) lyrics sung in Mandarin and Cantonese.

    Vietnamese singer Ngo Thanh Van remade "Nuh" in her debut CD, Playworld, under the name "The Colourless Heart" and "Dara Dara" in her 2nd album under the name "Mystery Of The Moon". Evonne Hsu (许慧欣)'s "Lonely Ballet" (孤单芭蕾/Gu Dan Ba Lei) is also a cover of Lee Jung Hyun's "Michyeo" (미쳐/Crazy). Cyndi Wang (王心凌)'s "HONEY" is also another cover of Lee Jung Hyun's "Summer Dance". Jordan Chan (陈小春) covered Lee Jung Hyun's "I love you Chulsoo".

    By the way, i've been trying to search these LJH cover songs (sammi & evonne mvids) as a vob quality but i've failed, i only have them as a poor quality...wondering if someone can get access to these vids in vob quality and shares them.

    Shame i can't have access to the dl area so i can't share any stuff...