Ava songs composed by "E-tribe"
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    I want to know what other songs "E-tribe" composed for *Lee Jung Hyun* besides "Crazy"...

    What other songs are composed by "E-tribe" in her new album 'Avaholic'?

    "E-tribe" composed another songs for her BEFORE... in her previous albums?
    (which songs?)

    Will she continue to work with "E-tribe" in her future works?
    (I don't know, perhaps she said so in some interview or something, is she happy with the results of "Crazy" new song, etc. etc. etc.?)

    Someone could tell me, please?

    Thanks! ^^

    Oh, and by the way, somebody knows who is the author(s) / composer(s) of "Miro II"?
    (Thank you again =) :))
  • GX3394GX3394
    Vogue Girl and Miro I+II - composed by Lee Min Soo who also composed MANY of LJH past hits!
    Crazy and 2night - composed by E-Tribe
    You're Mine - composed by JO PD

    I think this is the first time E-Tribe worked with AVA. This is also the first time I heard of E-Tribe because of Gee from SNSD. The man who continuously worked with Ava and made many of songs very successful is Lee Min Soo.
  • QueenQueen
    E-Tribe is a relatively new producing group so I doubt they wrote songs in the past for LJH.

    Here's a list of the songs that they have composed:
    D.I.S.C.O (Uhm Jung Hwa)
    U-Go-Girl (Hyori Lee)
    Yodelehee (Kara)
    Gee (Girls' Generation)
    It's You (Super Junior)
    and the two Lee Jung Hyun tracks GX3394 mentioned above.
    (LOVE all of the songs they have composed by the way)

    So as you can see, E-Tribe hasn't been in the industry that long.
  • GX3394GX3394
    Wow they produced a lot of hits. I actually like all the songs on the list, even Gee when I first heard it (although it can be rather annoyiing now) I was surprised that they didnt produce Vogue Girl because it sounded like their style.
  • Thank you for the responses!
    "GX3394", the info you gave is very complete, thank you!!!!
    *Lee Min Soo* ooohh, I hope she keeps working with this person!!! *___*

    To "Queen":
    Yes... and I think "L.O.V.E." from Brown Eyed Girls too... but... "It's you" from SuJu is also from "E-tribe", really?
    I didn't know that... And actually... sorry, but I don't like ANY of those songs composed by "E-Tribe"... (before I knew those songs was from them... and then when I knew I was like "oh... I don't like any of those song! and they are composed by the same person/group =O :O O_O")... the only I like is "It's you" and it doesn't fascinates me.... I mean, I like it, is OK, but not of my fav. songs...
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    Hehe I don't really like the other songs on the list either! I dunno if I'm biased towards LJH, but I'm just more attracted to her unique sound. I used to like Uhm Jung Hwa until she released D.I.S.C.O! Her worst song imo!
  • ScuzScuz
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    I prefer Brave Brothers to E-Tribe, truth to be told XD While the good songs by E-Tribe are really good, they just haven't made that many songs that appeal to me (U-Go-Girl and Gee are their best so far. D.I.S.C.O is okay - imo anyway).

    Brave Brothers, on the other hand, have a higher success rate with me. I like most of their songs, at least a little bit. But I suppose Brave Brothers don't have enough variation in their music style to fit Ava's weirdness XD
  • ^ lol i think the other way :P i love E-Tribe's songs!!! i also love Brave Brothers but their style seems the same with every song =/ while E-Tribes style changes, so the songs dont look like each other, and all have their uniqueness+greatness :heartbounce:
  • GX3394GX3394
    What songs did Brave Brother composed? Are they the ones that always use that robotic sound in the beginning of each song? Like in Dambi's Saturday Night?
  • ScuzScuz
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    [quote=GX3394]What songs did Brave Brother composed? Are they the ones that always use that robotic sound in the beginning of each song? Like in Dambi's Saturday Night? [/quote]

    Yeah, that's them. Though they seem to use it less and less now, at least for when the singers perform. Most recently they composed Han Una's Mannequin, they've also worked with After School and Bae Seul Gi.
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    Did Brave Brother's do BSG Tomboy? I was obsessed with that song lol. I can't say I like the rest! I'm not into Kpop as I was back in 99-01. It was so awesome then! Nowadays apart from LJH, it's just the odd song that I think sounds good.
  • ScuzScuz
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    [quote=-00001]Did Brave Brother's do BSG Tomboy?[/quote]

    I can't say XD I know they produced her latest mini-album. The promo-song for that one was "Tiresome" XD No pun intended :tongue:
  • no they didnt produce Tomboy, that song is way better then their stuff :P lol, i sound as if i hate them XDD well i dont .___. i actually really love their stuff :P