Song Suggestions?
  • JaxxiaJaxxia
    I'm still relatively new to Lee Jung Hyun. I'm still not sure where to start. So any suggestions? I guess to start off, I love every song on Avaholic so maybe songs that sound similar to those and I like Michyeo.
  • GX3394GX3394
    Avaholic is pop dance similiar to her third album "Magic to Go to My Star". Michyeo is in this album.

    My personal favorites are Suri Suri Ma-Suri, I'll Never Die, Prism, Misty, Half, Set It Up Now
  • ScuzScuz
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    Lee Jung Hyun's 2nd album has a lot of variety, so there might be something for you in that one. But other than that, like GX3394 said, Magic To Go To My Star is the album with the most similarity to Avaholic.
  • -00001-00001
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    Her first 4 albums all contain her popular classics so I suggest all of those. Her first album had a real edgy, hardcore sound, and that has softened with each album. Her first 2 are my favourites.

    But I agree with the others in saying that her 3rd album is the most similar to Avaholic. Her 6th is a bit similar too.
  • maddy
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    Wow where to begin?
    You should definitely listen to everything... but I would suggest these songs:

    wa, bakkweo, GX 339-4, ca tient moi, pyeonghwa, neo, joollae, dda, ggeutnasseo, pieo, surisuri masuri, nanjukjianha, michyeo, misty, ban, anti drug, dala dala, q, tell me, time machine, brigther than sunshine, ari ari, mweoldeo barae?, miweoyeo, nalbwa, summer dance, ya!, ddarahaebwa, cheolsuya saranghae, all in, love me qian mian nv hai
  • delias
    omgah.. everything is amazing. =]

    Totally listen to : Ari Ari, Dala Dala, Come, Bakkwo, MICHYEO, Joolae.
    Heaven is pretty good too, I like how it's dramatic. ;]