What was the first song you heard?
  • YookuYooku
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    I didn't see a discussion like this but please correct if i'm wrong. :) What was the first LJH song you heard and your thoughts about it?

    Mine was Wa. I remember the situation too. I was searching some new korean artist through Youtube and found video for Wa. At first I thought that the video and song were kinda weird but still good. After two weeks I managed to find the mp3 version of the song and I became a fan. :) I have been her fan since 2005.
  • maddy
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    The first song of hers I heard was also 'wa'.
    It's a really~ long story.
    I like dbsk so I started to frequent a gift shop about two years ago that sold some of their stuff, and one day, the shop keeper asked me if i wanted other korean music, so she gave me a folder full of songs on my ipod, and one of them was 'wa'. I kind of liked it, but never listened to it. Then a while after that, I started watching 'beautiful days' and liked the song that the character on there sang (heaven) so basically i had NOOOO idea it was lee jung hyun that sang it and when i found out i realised that i already had a song of hers! So i started to listen to wa more and basically download most of her music after that. ^^
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    The first song I heard was Michyeo. My younger sister had an Asian friend who listened sent the MV to us. I fell in love with it instantly. Once I learned to spell her name ( XD ), I found her official website (which is long gone now) and watched some videos there. I heard GX339-4 and Wa - such awesome songs! So I started downloading her songs and eventually I bought her albums.
  • GX3394GX3394
    I don’t exactly remember the song I listened to first. It was either Moon or Summer Dance (I think it was Moon).

    I was at a family friend's house and they had the Asian channel on. On one show, they played a bunch of Korean music videos and two of them happened to be Moon and Summer dance (I think it was on separate days when I saw these videos) I fell in love with both videos instantly mainly because I’ve never listened to Asian music before and I just love dance music at the time. I had no idea the artist's name and it took me awhile to find out who she was. I even thought the two videos were by two different singers! haha I was a fan of her music in 2003 but never really bothered to buy any of her stuff or saw any of her performances. The first albums I’ve listened to were her third, fourth, and summer party albums. I fell in love with it! I think it was during Fantastic Girl is when i became such a die hard fan. I don’t know why because Fantastic Girl wasn’t my favorite album. I do listen to other Korean songs (rarely do now), but I always go back to her stuff.
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    Ah, I've been a fan since spring 2003. I just felt that was important to add :Foot In Mouth:
  • -00001-00001
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    Great stories everyone!!

    The first song I heard was -00001 because I was watching her debut special in 1999 ^^ Back then I didn't think much of her, I thought she was scary! xD But I was a casual fan right through her 1st and 2nd albums. Then my Korean friend moved away so I had a BIG break in Korean music. I had no internet so I couldnt catch up. But at the end of 2002 I finally got the internet and was frantically trying to catch up! I then started listening to her older albums again and managed to get her 3rd and 4th and I realised she had always been the bomb and became a true fan since. ^^
  • hyonyhyun
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    The first song i heard was Nuh. An online friend of mine had introduced another friend to her music, and she sent me a link to Nuh on youtube. I liked it, but it was only the 2nd Korean song i'd ever heard iirc, so i was still kind of weirded out by the language. But when i searched for more of her MVs, i found Joolae and thought she was really weird and i didn't like that song at all (totally changed now.)

    That was in 2005. I found a few more songs i really liked- Dala Dala, Wa, Bakkwo- but i didn't look for much more than that. I found out in 2006 she came out with Fantastic Girl, so i downloaded it, but didn't like it very much since there were no techno songs. Sometime after that, i downloaded her discography and listened to it, found all the songs i liked, and gradually got more and more obsessed with her. I'm still not a hardcore fan like some people here, but i do love most of her music today :)
  • hearted
    i'm a new fan, so my first song was Crazy

    i saw a thread about her on another forum, so i wanted to know who she was and then i saw she was coming with a new album and i was like yay XD

    thats my great story .____.
  • GX3394GX3394
    wow a new fan!! yay!!! ^_^
  • My first song was "Ba Kkwo", in October (¿? not sure of the month) in 2007.
    I was searching in "Youtube" for "korean techno music" or something like that I wrote... (korean techno, korean techno music, korea techno)
    And "Ba kkwo" came in the results... so I watched it... and heard the song... and OOHHH, it obsessed me very much until now...
    My fav. song of her *_______* and one of the best songs I've heard in my entire life.
  • lmjljhlsj
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    My first song was .From a tape^^
  • the first song i heard is Michyeo (going crazy)..my ex girlfriend playing online dancing game and when she play with that song, i like the song
    i tell to my ex-girl "finally you pick the good one"...after that i looking that song on the internet..and found another her song (wa, bakkwo, nuh)
    i like that 3 song too..so i go too CD store to all her album (and korean album is hard to find in my country, so i must order first)
  • The first song was "Ari Ari". That song is the background music for a Zippo Trick video on Youtube. I watched it in 2008. For about 2 years the song is stored in my computer as "fun song". Because i never know the title.

    only after i watched Happy Together (the one with SNSD) i know who Lee JungHyun is. In that show Yuri danced to "Neo" then i searched the video on youtube. And i was astounded to the originality of the video. Her voice suddenly sounds familiar. And i check her discography quickly.
    So i found out that the song is titled "Ari Ari". I know because that word is repeated many times in the song.
    Now i'm a fan of her.
  • 虹见蓝葵
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    the first song i heard is wa~ once i saw a performance of wa on TV,when the MC introduced a singer named LJH,I
    was attracted by her name~I think the name was beautiful~when I watch the TV,I saw a girl was dancing with a red fan!
    Also the girl was beautiful!Then,she performance half and follow me,she is so hot with a rose in her mouth!

    After that ,I searched some performance of bakkwa,you,ariari and so on~I was wonder that she changed her look everytime~
    I was full in love with her performance since the year 2005~
  • steele
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    Vogue Girl and Crazy. I remember REALLY not liking her, haha. Then I forgot about her until Jokwon did one of his Wa parodies. I liked the song so I looked it up and there she was again! Then I became obsessed with her older albums and warmed up to Avaholic after a while. :P
  • I'm one of her newer fan. I didn't follow Korean music until the last year or so. I happened to be on allkpop and saw a story on Lee Jung Hyun there. I thought the girl was pretty so I clicked on the link and realized Sammi Cheng did a cover of one of her song Wa. I didnt think much of Sammi's version but when I heard LJH's version, I liked it alot. I listened to her other songs and watched her performance and became obsessed with her. I think it's a pity I didn't know about her when she was more active.
  • kyrinthmiller
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    My first song was Wa, which I really liked in '99. And then I heard Sammi Cheng's version of it later on and it kinda killed the song for me for a while. >.< I remember being kinda scared the first time I saw Wa performed by LJH, haha. Although it didn't freak me out as some of the HOT performances at the time.
  • -00001-00001
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    [quote=kyrinthmiller]My first song was Wa, which I really liked in '99. And then I heard Sammi Cheng's version of it later on and it kinda killed the song for me for a while. >.< I remember being kinda scared the first time I saw Wa performed by LJH, haha. Although it didn't freak me out as some of the HOT performances at the time.[/quote]
    I saw the album jacket with all the weird astrological symbols, and my friend was telling me all these scary stories about her and I got a little scared too xD

    Ahhh I loved that time, so many good memories, I wish I could return to it >