Michyeo vs. Crazy
  • YookuYooku
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    I didin't see a discussion like this so I made one. :) The question is simple. Which one of these songs do you prefer? Michyeo or Crazy? I'm just too curious to ask because both songs have kinda same style and name.

    It was very hard to decide between these two to be honest but I have to say Michyeo. The song and the music video for it are both awesome. Crazy is great song too but Michyeo means more for me and I like the lyrics also. :)
  • maddy
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    I love Michyeo, it's one of my favourite songs, so I'm going with that one. xD
    I personally think it's a better song than crazy, which is basically just loud and trying to get people to like it if you know what i mean xD
  • GX3394GX3394
    I like the lyrics to Michyeo better.

    Crazy is more modern and I do like the music video better. But Michyeo will always remain a classic.

    Choreography is better in Crazy. Outfits, hair, setting goes to Crazy. But originality goes to Michyeo.

    Im not totally CRAZY about either songs Michyeo or Crazy, but they are both good in different ways.

    I simply can not choose! >_
  • -00001-00001
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    I think they're good in their own way! Michyeo was great for it's time and Crazy suits the current music. But both songs are very different to everythign else that was released during at the time.

    I can't decide at the moment because I'm too hyped up about Avaholic so once that has died down I'll choose. Michyeo is one of my fave LJH tracks though :D
  • ScuzScuz
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    Well, since Michyeo's one of my favorite songs, I obviously favor it over Crazy (which in my opinion is the weakest song on Avaholic). I like her hair better in Crazy though, but other than that I prefer Michyeo in any way :bigsmile:
  • hyonyhyun
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    Certainly Michyeo. Crazy is good, but Michyeo is a catchier song with a dancier beat and a better concept.

    It's kind of a tie between the MVs though. Crazy is just so cool and there's a variety of costumes, plus the light/dark theme The dancers are great too. Michyeo has the whole story thing going on in it. Also, someone complained in a comment that the dance looked "awkward", and they're right. But look at the concept of the video. It SCREAMS awkward! Reading that comment made me love the dance and video more :P
  • GX3394GX3394
    Her expression in the beginning when she said "Mine" was so weird. (Yeah I didnt like that part) Other than that, she danced kinda slow for the first choreography. But when she's coming down the "underworld", I was sold. The choreography at the end did it for me. I was in love. hehe