[MU] Ari Ari + Ban + I Love You Cheol Soo + Interview + I'm Attracted To You (2006?) [MQ/WMV/71MB]
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    I love this special. Enjoy! ^^
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    i use image grabber II and Video Thumbnails Maker. they're both free. i ike image grabber better but somehow it doesnt work with a lof of my files like avi asf wmv etc. it works better with HD files and TP ..weird. Video Thumbnails Maker is better for avi asf wmv etc... Both are easy programs.

    yeah you should always put tthe thumbnail set since people want to know what they're downloading. much easier.
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    Thanks I'll go grab those then and update ^^
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    Oh yay! This looks good.
  • yayness thankies very muchies
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    Thanks, i love Ban so much! :)