About AVA

Name in English: AVA
Name in Korean: Lee Jung Hyun, 이정현
Name in Japanese: I Jonhyon, イ・ジョンヒョン
Name in Chinese: Li Zhen Xian, 李贞贤, 李貞賢
Nicknames: Techno Queen, Techno Goddess, Techno Warrior, Queen of Transformation/Change,
Ms. Charisma, Little Giant, Jjang Gu, Yi Deh Ah, Hyony, ヒョニー, 혀 니
Birth Date: 1980-02-07
Birth Place: Daegu, South Korea
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 158cm
Weight: 40kg
Shoe Size: 230mm
Blood Type: O
Religion: Atheist
Personality: Bright and Friendly
Best Features: Eyes, Smile, Snaggletooth
Education: Gae-Po Elementary School,
Ahn Yang Art High School, Joong Ang University
Profession: Singer, Actress
Family: Mother (No Jae-hee), Father (Lee Gil-sool), 4 Older Sisters
Debut (Featured Singer): Goofy - The Rule of the Game ~ 1999-05-03
Debut (Singer): 와 ~ 1999-10-02
Debut (Actor): A Petal ~ 1996
Agents: Yedang Entertainment (Korea), UAE (Japan), AVA & Film Entertainment (Korea)
Official Fanclubs: Feel이야!/Feel2ya (Korea), LiveJH (China), Honey Hyony (Japan)
Official Balloon Color: Gold

1996 - A Petal
1997 - Maria and the Inn
2000 - Chimhyang
2000 - Harpy
2011 - Night Fishing
2012 - Juvenile Offender
2014 - The Admiral
2015 - Alice in Earnestland
2016 - Battleship Island

1996 - Reign: The Conqueror
1996 - Seven Spoons
1998 - Legend of Ambition
2001 - Beautiful Days
2003 - Beautiful Heart (China)
2006 - Rondo (Japan)
2008 - King Sejong the Great
2010 - Confucius (China)
2015 - The Family Is Comming (Korea)